Reviews from our Clients
Cakes and other Bakes have done all of my kids Birthday cakes. The looks on their faces when the cake arrives are priceless. They are just as excited to see the cake as they are for the party to start. AND everyone who attends our birthday parties can’t wait to see what Cakes and Other Bakes will come up with next.
Sara Lucas - Rockhill, MO

My girlfriend was the one who actually ordered a cake for my 30th birthday from cakes and other bakes. When she said she wanted to throw a party for me, I had now idea a cake would be involved. I was blown away when I saw a cake with the logo of my favorite football (soccer) club, Chelsea F.C., on it. I have to say that I was really impressed at how perfect the logo was, with all the right colors and everything; I almost didn’t want anyone to cut into it. I would definitely recommend and use them again.
Deacon Arokoyo - St. Louis, MO

My family and I have purchased custom cakes from Cakes and Other Bakes on multiple occasions. Ms. Burch never ceases to amaze us with the creativity that is illustrated on the cakes. Two occasions included a high school graduation where the cake displayed the school mascot as well as the activities she participated in throughout her high school days.  It was a hit with the party as well as other students. The second was for my son, the sports fan, being a Notre Dame cake.  She did a remarkable job and the cake was truly the focus of the party (not to mention it was delicious!)  I highly recommend this company for all your baking needs.
Kristin Newsom - O'Fallon, MO

I have seen and tasted many of the cakes made by Cakes & Other Bakes, at numerous different Celebrations, and they have blown me away with their attention to detail and how good their cakes taste. But by far my favorite was a cake made for my Surprise 30th Birthday a couple of months ago. It was an exact replica of a cake from the movie Twilight down to the fresh flowers that were on top. Everyone at the party was super impressed with it, especially with how good it tasted. The night was amazing and unforgettable and so was the cake! Thank you, Cakes & Other Bakes!!
Megan Hull - Brentwood, MO