A bit about the bakers and shopkeepers
Laura Burch - Owner, Head Chef
No matter the occasion, nothing says “we have reason to make merry” quite like a cake. Big or small, traditional or whimsical, baking cakes and cupcakes enables me to help people celebrate the best times in their lives; their accomplishments, gifts, milestones, and promises. Being a part of such joyous times would be reason enough to bake, but I also like the challenge and resolve it takes to bring a person’s imagination to life, an imagination realized that also has to taste great. I paint yummy colors on a tasty canvas of my making, and people get to enjoy my work – literally. What could be better?
Beth Brumback - Co-Owner, Chef
To put it as simply as I can, there is something about baking cookies and other sweets that I just love. Whether I am putting inspired twists on the classics or coming up with my own designs in both taste and aesthetics, (which sometimes happens by accident, but don’t tell anyone), it is a true delight to mix and mash, and cut and arrange, and taste and bake. But the very best part of it all, even better than the delicious aroma that fills the air ahead of the oven’s ding, is the moment when the first bite is taken, and the eyes say everything the mouth is too busy to utter.